Finding Decent Budget Accommodation

Posted on February 24, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Decent and budget aren’t two words that have to be mutually exclusive. It is perfectly possible to find cheap accommodation that is also good quality. Once you know the right ways to search, it will help you to find the best deals that won’t leave your pocket empty but that also won’t leave you covered in bites from bed bugs!

Always check the facilities before you book. If you’re booking on the internet, this should be fairly easy. Use a reputable booking website to make your booking and to check the room has all the facilities you want. Check the photographs but do bear in mind that they might be out of date.

Also check reviews from other travellers carefully. If there is anything that doesn’t quite ring true from the hotel, guesthouse or hostel description, you can count on other guests to point it out. You should also be able to filter reviews to find ones covering topics that matter to you, such as cleanliness or safety.

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