What to do if you Run into Trouble Abroad

Posted on August 1, 2017 at 11:50 am

Travelling will often be trouble free and many holidaymakers enjoy wonderful breaks without having to worry about anything. Sometimes, vacations can be less than ideal though as you may get ill, be the victim of a crime or find that your accommodation is less than desirable. Here are some of the options if you run into trouble:

• Talk to a local. They can give you advice like where to find the nearest police station or who you should contact. They may also be able to lend you a phone. • Contact the travel police. Lots of destinations that have lots of tourists will have dedicated travel police to help you with any difficulties.

• Have a conversation with staff. If you find problems with your accommodation, speak to the staff seriously yet reasonably. Often they will be able to help you out and find a solution for you, like moving you to a different room or building.

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